7 reasons to carry a reusable water bottle

Why carry a reusable water bottle ?
There are so many advantages to carrying a reusable bottle on a daily basis, but also when traveling, playing sports, going to the gym, camping or hiking. With a reusable water bottle at your side, you can fill your bottle wherever you go with fresh water or the liquid of your choice. Not to mention that you can make a significant contribution to reducing the amount of plastic bottles that end up in landfills and the ocean, better control the quality of your drinking water, and be able to take hot or cold drinks with you for the day.
These are just a few of the many reasons why using a reusable bottle is a practical, economical and rewarding habit to develop for everyone. To go into more detail, we've listed our top seven reasons to carry a reusable water bottle.

1. Reduce waste from single-use plastic bottles

Single-use plastic water bottles are thrown away by the billions every year . These figures are staggering, and with a recycling rate of only 23%.France is one of the biggest consumers of plastic water bottles. Yet, only half of the 25 million bottles thrown away daily are recycled. It is no wonder that plastic bottles are filling landfills and our oceans.

  • (1) The creation of these plastic bottles involves a highly polluting production process, and they biodegrade extremely slowly, taking hundreds of years to decompose naturally in the environment. If you think about it, the whole life cycle of these bottles is extremely damaging to the environment, from production to disposal. And what's a bottle made to be thrown away for? That doesn't really make sense.

By choosing a reusable bottle, we are significantly reducing our carbon footprint and taking a big step towards reducing plastic waste. Just imagine how many single-use bottles a person could use in a year to drink the recommended eight cups of water per day! To give you an idea, a jug water filter, which typically lasts 2-3 months, can replace up to 300 standard 16.9 oz. disposable bottles.

  • (2) With a reusable bottle and a good water filter, you can prevent hundreds of disposable bottles from ending up in the garbage every year.

2.Reusable bottles are better for your health

Single-use plastic bottles are not only very harmful to the planet, but they can also be harmful to your health because of the leaching of chemicals into the water stored inside them. Single-use plastic bottles are usually made of PET (polyterephthalate) plastic, which has been shown to leach antimony into the water, especially if the bottles are left in hot environments for long periods of time. Antimony is considered hazardous to human health because it causes headaches and gastrointestinal upset when exposed.

3. You control what goes into your bottle

This brings us to the next point, that with a reusable bottle you control exactly what goes into the bottle. We recommend that you use a quality water filter or fill your bottles at a local filtered water dispenser, if your community offers one. If you are really lucky, you may even have access to a personal well or a nearby spring.

Water is so important to our health, so it's best to understand the risks that tap water can pose in your community before buying a filter. You need to make sure that you filter the water for any hazards specific to your area, such as lead in some places in France. The advantage of tap water is that your city is required by law to tell you what potential contaminants are in the water supply, which is not mandatory for bottled water companies. Unless you live in an extremely pristine environment, we recommend that you do not fill your bottles with water directly from the tap. There are many types of water filters to suit your needs, from charcoal stand filters to sink-mounted filters, or even filters that can purify water for an entire house.

In any case, a reusable bottle allows you to take control of the quality of the water you drink, rather than relying on the brilliant advertising campaigns of bottled water companies.

4. Save money on water and drinks during your outings

Another positive point is that using a reusable water bottle is actually much cheaper than buying single-use water bottles. According to a study published by the Earth Policy Institute in the United States,buying bottled water can be expensive and quick, costing the average American about $200 a year. A single reusable bottle costs on average between $30 and $50, which corresponds to years of use. In fact, the price of bottled water is largely the price of the plastic bottle itself. A gallon of bottled water costs about $9.50, almost 2,000 times the price of tap water in most cities.

5. A bottle will last you years of use !

If you are like us, durability, minimalism and zero waste goals are important to you. We support minimalism because we believe it greatly improves the quality of life by taking the clutter out of your physical space and mind, and allows us to fully appreciate the things we have.

6. Choose the bottle that best suits your needs

This brings us to the next reason why it is good to have a reusable bottle, namely that you can choose the best bottle for your needs. Instead of just thoughtlessly buying disposable water bottles and taking paper coffee mugs to go, take a minute to think about what you need for everyday use, and even your personal preferences. For example, some people really enjoy the taste of glass beverages, not only water but also coffee, juice or smoothies. Others prefer to keep a cup of coffee warm for hours in an insulated stainless steel cup, or take hot or cold liquids with them when hiking or exploring outdoors. Still others may like to drink citrus-flavoured water during the day.
Whatever your needs or desires, there is a reusable bottle that's perfect for you. Having your ideal bottle by your side will make it more enjoyable to stay hydrated while drinking your favourite beverages throughout the day.

7. Keep track of how much you drink.

If you are doing your best to stay motivated and physically active, we applaud you! In our opinion, it is extremely important for our health to lead an active lifestyle and to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day in some way, whether you prefer outdoor sports, walking or running, or working out in the gym. To stay well hydrated, it may be important to monitor your daily water intake, especially when you're active.

A reusable bottle can help you keep track of how much water you drink, instead of drinking from a pile of single-use bottles and discarding them when you're done.
To conclude, here are our top seven reasons to use a reusable bottle, but there are many more that could be added to the list. There is really no good reason not to use a reusable bottle!

If you have any other ideas, questions or comments, feel free to let us know below!

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