Guarantee – Naiima1960™

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Warranty policy :

Naiima guarantees its products for a period of 1 year from the date of receipt for any manufacturing defect.

If the conditions of use and maintenance are not respected, the warranty will be void. The conditions can be consulted on each product sheet of the shop For any defect on a "limited series" or "customization" product, Naiima does not guarantee to be able to supply the same product. In case the defect concerns a spare part (gasket, cap, filter...), only the replacement of the spare part will be carried out.For any complaint, please fill out the contact form and attach :

  • Proof of purchase,
  • A description of the problems that have occurred,
  • One or more detailed photos of the product.

    The product will neither keep hot nor cold:

    To check if your product keeps warm, pour hot water into your container before closing it. After 5 minutes, touch the outside of the container. If you feel hot spots, your product is not insulated. Isothermal insulation is only guaranteed if the product has not been subjected to a shock and if the product is neither hot nor cold when the package is received.

    The product is not watertight:

    Make sure that the seal is correctly positioned and that the container is properly closed. The seal is guaranteed if the product has not been subjected to an impact.

    The product has been damaged during transport:

    Any defect related to a transport problem is guaranteed. It is essential to keep proof of the damaged carton in order to make a claim.